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There are many advertisements on the internet from people selling fake passports, but “fake” usually really means “novelty” which means its not an original passport but more like some fantasy passport.

Real sellers of original documents arent as easy to find, especially not through google, since they hide their services on the “Deep Web” also known as Tor hidden services.

So where can i find vendors that sell fake passports?

To browse to those sites you should first install the “Tor Browser” from Torproject.org

It is needed to access .onion sites which is where you can find those passport sellers.

After you got the Tor Browser running, go to the following urls inside Tor Browser:

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Forged passports can be used in all sorts of crimes. It can be used for smuggling purposes, for illegally entering different countries, for terrorism activities and many more. Passports are essentially required for personal identification and so they are used commonly by the citizens around the globe.

Trying to fake a passport or an identity is a serious crime and considered fraud. It is punishable by charging heavy fine as well as by jailing the culprit for several years. It all depends on the severity of the crime. The nature of punishment also depends on the state in which you have been arrested for the crime.

This punishment of this fraud is serious and it should not be taken lightly. The forgers can face up to 10 years of imprisonment. If passport forging has been done with the intent of national or internal terrorism then the culprit can be sentenced for being jailed up to 25 years.

A passport should be closely examined for verification of its validity. If something appears to be doubtful then the passport should be closely inspected. There are many differences that can help one detect the fake passports. If the visual inspection zone does not match with the machine readable zone, it’s a sign that the passport isn’t valid. The machine readable zone information is the text at the bottom of the passport. The information should contain the name, passport number and the date of expiration of the passport. Often the fake passport makers forget to change the machine readable zone information. All the information should match. You should carefully notice the spaces used to make the passport. The fake passport makers are not too careful about the spacing and so they might have more spacing than the authentic ones. The surface of the passport should be examined and notice any changes in thickness, traces of glue or any raised edges. The passport might have been glued back together or re-laminated after alteration. The identification of picture is also an important step for the deciding the authentication of a passport. The picture in the passport should be compared with the person who hands over the passport and then it should be checked if the picture and the person are the same. Then is the verification of date of birth. Check the appearance of the passport holder and guessing the age of the person, verify it with date of birth specified in the passport. If you still are not sure, then you can ask for any other document, be it a driver’s license for verification.

After all the different steps of inspection, if you are still doubtful, then you should ask for opinion from a supervisor or any coworker.

Forged Passport

Fake passports have provided a gateway to terrorism. The terrorists use the illegally obtained fake passports, visas and other identity documents to easily travel to any part of the world and perform their terrorist activities without the fear of being caught or being identified in person. These fake passports are as important to the terrorists as weapons. They have contacts with many people with common causes to get their task accomplished and they fearlessly use these counterfeiting techniques to carry out their activities.

Investigators have found out that there may be specialized cells whose job is to provide the terrorist groups with passports and other documents required for the purpose of immigration. There are many ways to fake a passport and the terrorists smartly fake it by either changing just the picture or the biographical data. They cleverly decide which identity they need to steal. They either steal a valid passport or purchase the stolen passports.

The terrorists get through the immigration process so easily just because the quality of forged passports and the technology of counterfeiting are constantly improving making it difficult to be detected. Moreover, efforts have been made to stop the internet sales of the fraud documents but all in vain and the practice has blossomed in the recent years.

Another aspect of forging a passport is done by falsifying documents, such as the birth certificate, which are needed for acquiring a passport. This allows the terrorists to get valid passports instead of opting for stolen ones. The birth document is said to be a weak document for certifying one’s identity due to the reason that procedure for verifying the birth certificate is not computerized or centralized. A birth certificate is easy to duplicate for other reasons as well which are that they have no requirement of a photograph or fingerprint. Once you have a legitimate birth certificate, it then becomes really easy to get any fake identification that you desire for any of the tasks that you aim to accomplish.

If different terrorist activities are studied, you will find out that how easily a terrorist gets to enter a territory using a forged passport and a fake identity and so they manipulate the immigration laws.

The government must spend on the security check system. The applicants must undergo a background check too, to assure that they are not faking their identity. The task to stop this business of forging passports has become a challenging one. But it is important to keep a track of all the underworld activities and plan and control their movement in order to stop this practice.

Terrorist Passport

A fake passport is a traveling document issued by a governing body but later modified by unauthorized bodies for deceiving those who would view the document about the identity of the passport holder. Such falsified passports can be used for the purposes of illegal immigration, age deception, escape from exile, or any other crime.

There are some incidents about the faking of passports. In June 2005, American actor Wesley Snipes was detained in South Africa for trying to pass through the Johannesburg International Airport with a fake South African passport but he was allowed to return home because he had a legal U.S. passport.

In October 2000, a Russian writer Alexander Litvinenko used a forged passport to fly from Turkey to Ukraine. His actual passport was confiscated by Russian authorities after criminal charges were filed against him.

There have also been cases where the fake passport makers have been involved in fleecing the innocent people to send them abroad and then illegally creating their fake passports and visa. Later these victims visit those offices to get back their money but it is all in vain.

There are many online websites that offer you to get your fake passports generated online. There are many fake ID makers, diploma makers, they also create fake driver license. You can easily find these cobblers online and even on different freelancing websites.

There are websites available on the internet where you can get templates to create your own fake passport by just being charged some amount of money. These templates look so original that at the very first sight it becomes difficult to detect that they are fake. These forgers charge you according to the level of originality with which they create the fake passports. This is another method that the forged passport makers adopt to earn.

It has become a very popular business these days and you can easily earn and get through without being easily caught through online sources because these makers come up with their fake identities online. So there are fewer chances of they being caught, however more chances of you getting into trouble.

Possessing a fake passport is a serious crime and is punishable by heavy fines and imprisonment. But still this doesn’t stop the cobblers from stopping this business of faking the passports. This business is evolving day by day and the cobblers are finding newer and advanced methods making it harder to detect the false passports. The government has, however, taken some initiative to stop the business. The government has adopted methods like computerizing the issuance procedure of the entire passport which allows them to have a background check on the passports that look suspicious. The immigration control personnel are provided intense training to detect the fake passports with ease.

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Fake Passport
Internet is a worldwide source there are millions of people getting benefits from across the world.  People are amazed to get new things by 24 hours of day and 365 days in years. Passport establishes the identity of the person to the outside world. It contains photograph, signature, and date of birth, nationality of holder. A huge number of agencies are running their business by selling fake passports in the market.
Getting a passport through official channels involves many procedures and formalities. Person has to buy passport application from the Regional Passport Office; fill-it up with meticulous details relating to the holder’s identity, age, date of birth, nationality, religion, personal marks of identification, place of birth. Many individuals may not have time or the right set of documents to get n original passport. In such instances, they buy passport from these forging agencies. Sometimes individuals may want to flee from their country due to political, social or any other reason. In such cases they need to create a new identity. A fake passport can help them in getting a new identity and fly them out of the country to start a fresh lease of life.
There are several websites that offer to falsify your documents and help you in establishing a new identity for yourself. These sites can create duplicate passports by forging photographs, signatures, and other details. Some of these forgers can create an exact replica of any passport including the minute intricacies like UV check, hologram, spacing and much more.  Compensation for generation of such passports is often high. The price that you pay for procuring a forged passport or a fake passport greatly depends on the skills of the maker. Some forgers may just forge the photograph while some may create an entirely new passport for you. The closer the fake passport resembles the new one, the higher is the price that you pay for it.
Individuals who are involved in criminal activities often resort to forged passports for smoothly carrying their criminal activities. Celebrities or politicians may also use fake passports to hide away from glam and get some privacy.
These forging agencies also help you in establishing false documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificate, graduation sheets, educational documents and many more.  You must however understand the fact that fake passports are illegal and possession of such falsified document can attract heavy punishment in form of penalties, imprisonment, legal prosecution, detention or deportation. In any of the above-mentioned situations, you are susceptible to ruining the bright chances of leading a fulfilling life.
It is crucial that you steer clear from intentional or unintentional possession of fake passports.  Possession of fake passport or any falsified legal document is considered a serious crime and hence it is a punishable offence.  Most of these falsified documents are used in case of human trafficking, smuggling, terrorism etc. considering the probability of the severity of the crime, the destination country may decide to penalize the offender.

Fake Passports
World Wide Web has brought unimaginable changes in to the lives as well as mentality of the people. The facility of getting everything online has made most of the people somewhat close to lazy. The process of getting anything instantly without moving has been the habit of today’s people. This habit has in turn produced drastic changes in the lifestyle of the people, and additionally has reduced the gap between countries and continents. A person sitting here can order his favorite shirt of a branded UK company just by visiting its online store, and getting the delivery in 2 or 3 days.

The vast spread of internet has also given origin to fraud business. Anyone can register their company online, make websites and just fool the people using them. There can be seen numerous victims of these online frauds. One such fraud are fake passport making authorities, who offers enormous facilities to develop fake passports, false documents and fake identity proofs. If you Google the word “fake passport” then you will find more than millions of result flashing on the screen with back links in just 0.27 seconds. This search result explains that how big and vast these cobbler authorities are. They also give full guarantee that the fake documents made by them are of 100% quality and can fool any government authority of any country; such is the confidence these cobblers have. These forgers can create or rather replicate any passport including the seal, the spacing, embossing, thickness, passport cover, emblem etc. some of these forgers are also skilled at replicating the UV check too.

People also indulge themselves with these authorities because they don’t have to do any exercise, they just contacts the authorities and all their work is done when they just sits at home.
Many high profile and VIP people also insist to carry new identity due to increasing dangers of terrorism and other crimes. Many cases have happened in the past when celebrities are caught with fake passports and are charged heavy fines and imprisonments. Every country of the world has passport of different sizes and colors, and it is only because to differentiate their identity from other nations. But these fake authorities are so efficient that they can develop passports of any country even better than a Xerox machine creates a copy.

There can be heard numerous stories of fraud cases where innocent people has suffered a lot only because of these cobbler authorities. They offer very attractive offers related to job opportunities in foreign, and many other attractive offers. When people deposit huge amounts then these authorities packs up and just disappears. The people don’t even realize their cleverness and perfectness through which they cheat the common people. Many people use these online sites to buy passport because they want to evade political pressure or they want to start a new life etc, however they are often unaware of the kind of situations they may face if they are caught. Rigorous imprisonment, detention, heavy penalties, law suits and deportation are some of the byproducts of getting caught with fake passports.

A passport is a formal identity document or certification issued by a national government that indentifies the holder as a national of a particular state. Passport are connected with the right of legal protection abroad and the right to legal protection abroad and the right to enter one’s country of nationality. Passport contains the holder’s photograph, signature, and date of birthday, nationality. Nowadays Most of the people buy passport to start a fresh life. There are several individuals who make new identity using fake passports, fake driver license, and fake documents.

Nowadays people make use of Internet to find fake passport creators. You must have seen numerous advertisements online, from websites of UK, U.S.A. and Canada origins that they are in a position to produce and supply fake passports, false documents, educational certificates etc. Beauty is that these manufactures guarantee highest quality in their products that the false documents are carefully duplicated in respect of secretive features like embossing, seal, hologram, UV check, barcode etc. Forged passports often look identical to their original counterparts at the first glance. Price of creating such passports often depends upon the mastery and the skill of the creator along with the final output.

People are suffering from mental and physical torture by the government forces resort to exodus, to other democratic and peaceful countries in a mass scale. The departure and arrival in other countries by individuals fleeing to escape the ill-treatment takes place quietly, with the help of fake passport only. These kinds of people make plans to escape very well. They do not go in groups otherwise they will be caught.

They do very smart job what they do is buy passport with totally new identity and false documents. They purposely conceal their real identity for obvious reasons, and get fake passport that looks same and similar in all aspects as if issued by the government of the country they want to leave. There are sources to supply them these false documents, fake passport, camouflaged identity documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, education certificates etc.

Fake Passport can be used in all sorts of crimes. It can be used for smuggling purpose for illegally entering different countries, for terrorism activities and many more. People use fake passport for their identity but they do not know it is a serious crime and it is considered as fraud. It is punishable by charging heavy fine as well as by imprisoning the culprit for several years. The nature of punishment is depends on the state in which you have been arrested for the crime.

Fake passports are often used for plethora of activities that could range from innocent trips to foreign land to smuggling and terrorism. Human trafficking is the highest risk of preparing fake passports. Many people use fake passport to trap gullible and needy individuals and transport them to other countries as laborers. When such people get caught by the destination country, they are often detained or deported back to their homeland.