A fake passport is a traveling document issued by a governing body but later modified by unauthorized bodies for deceiving those who would view the document about the identity of the passport holder. Such falsified passports can be used for the purposes of illegal immigration, age deception, escape from exile, or any other crime.

There are some incidents about the faking of passports. In June 2005, American actor Wesley Snipes was detained in South Africa for trying to pass through the Johannesburg International Airport with a fake South African passport but he was allowed to return home because he had a legal U.S. passport.

In October 2000, a Russian writer Alexander Litvinenko used a forged passport to fly from Turkey to Ukraine. His actual passport was confiscated by Russian authorities after criminal charges were filed against him.

There have also been cases where the fake passport makers have been involved in fleecing the innocent people to send them abroad and then illegally creating their fake passports and visa. Later these victims visit those offices to get back their money but it is all in vain.

There are many online websites that offer you to get your fake passports generated online. There are many fake ID makers, diploma makers, they also create fake driver license. You can easily find these cobblers online and even on different freelancing websites.

There are websites available on the internet where you can get templates to create your own fake passport by just being charged some amount of money. These templates look so original that at the very first sight it becomes difficult to detect that they are fake. These forgers charge you according to the level of originality with which they create the fake passports. This is another method that the forged passport makers adopt to earn.

It has become a very popular business these days and you can easily earn and get through without being easily caught through online sources because these makers come up with their fake identities online. So there are fewer chances of they being caught, however more chances of you getting into trouble.

Possessing a fake passport is a serious crime and is punishable by heavy fines and imprisonment. But still this doesn’t stop the cobblers from stopping this business of faking the passports. This business is evolving day by day and the cobblers are finding newer and advanced methods making it harder to detect the false passports. The government has, however, taken some initiative to stop the business. The government has adopted methods like computerizing the issuance procedure of the entire passport which allows them to have a background check on the passports that look suspicious. The immigration control personnel are provided intense training to detect the fake passports with ease.

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