Fake passports have provided a gateway to terrorism. The terrorists use the illegally obtained fake passports, visas and other identity documents to easily travel to any part of the world and perform their terrorist activities without the fear of being caught or being identified in person. These fake passports are as important to the terrorists as weapons. They have contacts with many people with common causes to get their task accomplished and they fearlessly use these counterfeiting techniques to carry out their activities.

Investigators have found out that there may be specialized cells whose job is to provide the terrorist groups with passports and other documents required for the purpose of immigration. There are many ways to fake a passport and the terrorists smartly fake it by either changing just the picture or the biographical data. They cleverly decide which identity they need to steal. They either steal a valid passport or purchase the stolen passports.

The terrorists get through the immigration process so easily just because the quality of forged passports and the technology of counterfeiting are constantly improving making it difficult to be detected. Moreover, efforts have been made to stop the internet sales of the fraud documents but all in vain and the practice has blossomed in the recent years.

Another aspect of forging a passport is done by falsifying documents, such as the birth certificate, which are needed for acquiring a passport. This allows the terrorists to get valid passports instead of opting for stolen ones. The birth document is said to be a weak document for certifying one’s identity due to the reason that procedure for verifying the birth certificate is not computerized or centralized. A birth certificate is easy to duplicate for other reasons as well which are that they have no requirement of a photograph or fingerprint. Once you have a legitimate birth certificate, it then becomes really easy to get any fake identification that you desire for any of the tasks that you aim to accomplish.

If different terrorist activities are studied, you will find out that how easily a terrorist gets to enter a territory using a forged passport and a fake identity and so they manipulate the immigration laws.

The government must spend on the security check system. The applicants must undergo a background check too, to assure that they are not faking their identity. The task to stop this business of forging passports has become a challenging one. But it is important to keep a track of all the underworld activities and plan and control their movement in order to stop this practice.

Terrorist Passport

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